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Retail Secure is now a member of The Data Center Vendor Database
Mar 25
Kyriba is now a member of The Data Center Vendor Database
Mar 20
Unisecure Data Centers posted a blog post

Unisecure Data Centers has launched Automated remover of Malware attack

Philadephia US 26th February 2019 | Unisecure launch automated removal option to keep your website safe and get one step ahead of hackers (Malware attack). Unisecure's firewall protection helps to a Network device to prevent unauthorized access from Private Network traffic based on a set of user-defined rules. Unisecure's main purpose is to reduce the condition of unwanted network route.How Unisecure firewall works :• Packet Filtering:Data is sent over the web in small packages known as "packets." With packet filtering, the firewall has set up guidelines on what sorts of packets can get past, in light of the starting PC's ask. Prohibited packets are disposed of.• Proxy Services:With proxy services, the firewall brings information as opposed to the asking for the framework, filling in as a sort of mediator to decide every packet reliability.• Stateful Inspection:Stateful inspection is another kind of separating…See More
Feb 26
Unisecure Data Centers posted a blog post

How To protect Website security and Privacy?

Sometimes the best method to tackle any task are the simplest ones. The website needs to be safe from hackers. Being the owner of the website the most terrifying thought would be seeing your data wiped out by the hackers.It is important to keep all platforms or scripts installed the update as hackers aggressively target security flaws in web software and programs need to be updated to patch security holes. Using strong passwords is also important as hackers use sophisticated software which use brute force to crack passwords. Passwords should be complex containing uppercase letters, numerical and special characters. The best passwords should be at least 10 characters long. Using SSL encryption on your login pages allows sensitive information like credit card numbers, login credentials, social security to be transmitted securely.Using a secure host can make keep your website highly secured. Choosing a secure and reputable…See More
Feb 21



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