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Web Werks Data Centers posted a blog post

Internet of Things (IoT) is Available as a Service.

The Internet of Things, which is popularly alluded to as IoT, portrays internet-connected objects and procedures, for example, hardware, HVAC systems, applications, web administrations, wearable gadgets and even structures, all of which have sensors or the ability to record or potentially transmit information. This information is then utilized for a plenty of purposes, for example, gathering statistics, measuring patterns, alarming about issues and planning development. This can help organizations with inward operations and additionally commercial center undertakings.With so many benefits and being the future, so many companies want IoT to be up and running rapidly, before the substances of a digital service economy begin to push old and traditional business models out. What to do? Luckily, the…See More
Unisecure Data Centers posted a blog post

Unisecure takes steps to maintain Privacy and Data Protection of the Users.

Conshohocken, US, November 14, 2017– Unisecure, the premium data center and cloud vps hosting provider in US recently unveiled a set of new policy and guidelines to enable businesses to meet growing global privacy demands. The new framework addresses concerns about corporate and employee data misuse and emerging legal data requirements.Unisecure is focused on safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of all data it holds and forms and to work its business. It perceive the significance of data and of regarding the protection privileges of people. This Data Protection and Security Policy and Guidelines set out the standards which apply to the handling of individual/organizational information and utilization of data with the goal that it…See More
Web Werks Data Centers posted a blog post

Extending Cloud Security with Cloud Firewall Solutions at Web Werks Data Centers

Web Werks, a leading provider of cloud hosting solutions, recently broadened the security alternatives for cloud customers with the declaration of Cloud Firewall solution. Cloud Firewall is a hypervisor-based service with more than ten times the throughput of firewalls normally sent in cloud conditions. Cloud Firewall addresses the issues of cloud clients searching for a simple, moderate approach to conform to major administrative and industry security principles and to secure their virtual surroundings.Cloud firewall solution consummate the vigorous security and acquiescence needs of IT directors by offering a self-managed firewall that can be sent in minutes. Overseen through rich instrumentation in the Web Werks Customer Portal, clients…See More
Nov 13
Web Werks Data Centers posted a blog post

Challenges Of Switching From Traditional Networking To Advanced.

The universe of networking is moving quickly to software-based systems that offer mechanized provisioning, enhanced management and security, and better help for DevOps-style application advancement. The computerization advantages of software-based networking are basic to help the adoption of new IT and network framework, including hybrid cloud hosting and the internet of things (IoT).Before networks were staged with hardware-based platforms for particular capacities. These crates incorporate routers, Ethernet switches, Wi-Fi controllers, server stack balancers and system security machines, for example, firewalls and interruption recognition frameworks. Network equipment regularly runs the complex, distributed control software  - all with…See More
Nov 8



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