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Unisecure Data Centers posted a blog post

Unisecure - Disaster Recovery guarantee your business continuity.

Unisecure Disaster recovery services are customized to match company's risk management needs and help an organization to continue their business activities at anytime from anywhere.Conshohocken, US, 17th April 2018 | Unisecure, USA's leading IT solutions provider, is best when it comes to disaster recovery services ensuring business continuity. Their DRaaS is based on an analysis which helps in resistance, resilience, and recovery of mission-critical data of enterprises. Unisecure have Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective technologies to get your business back on track immediately.Unisecure disaster recovery services follow:Risk-impact Analysis: A Disaster is an inevitable event, but if we have the prepared, they can avoid any adverse impact caused by it. Unisecure’s detailed analysis of risk and its impact helps in devising the technologies to prevent its impact.Identification and Removal of weak points: As a part of the analysis process, they identify and remove any…See More
Web Werks Data Centers posted a blog post

Web Werks opening up the Road to Cloud 4.0, India's First web-based on-demand Utility Cloud Hosting Service.

Web Werks Cloud 4.0 delivers insight into the performance of resources, machines, workers, and vehicles to ease business operation resulting in more sources of income.Mumbai, India – 16 April 2018 |Web Werks, the leading cloud hosting provider in India recently announced the release of Web Werks Cloud 4.0 enabling associations to enhance proficiency, reduce costs, and recognize new sources of income through advanced tracking of resources, laborers, and vehicles; real-time issue discovery; and prescient analytics.Web Werks Cloud 4.0 empowers associations to gain indepth insight into the performance of resources, machines, laborers, and vehicles so that organizations can improve their inventory chain, manufacturing, and logistics, decrease time to market for new products; and empower new plans of action. This will allow organizations to monitor capital-escalated assets to lessen downtime and serving expenses, and track usage…See More
Unisecure Data Centers posted a blog post

Don't fall for the 'Pluggable cloud'

Individuals once made solicitations for the hybrid cloud due to its flexibility. Now they make multi-cloud demands, for a similar reason. Multi-cloud is simply part of a cloud architecture that utilizes more than two clouds, private as well as public. But, most multi-cloud solutions include in excess of two public clouds, usually AWS, Microsoft, and in some cases one other, for example, Google.In spite of the fact that the idea of having "pluggable clouds" isn't at all new, Cloud Server hosting providers get request about multi-cloud designs that advance the thought of pluggable clouds. In case you wondering what pluggable cloud then in simple words pluggable cloud is a multicloud environment where you can swap out people in public and private cloud without changing much of the basic application conditions. The term is frequently used to portray any multicloud design where changing out…See More
Apr 13
Unisecure Data Centers posted a blog post

Data Migration is One Thing The Cloud Make Worse

Most data-driven organizations have as of now or are planning to move their information from on-premises databases to the cloud keeping in mind the end goal to take the benefit of the unlimited, on-request storage and register cycles. Executing cloud warehouses and examination/BI stages empowers organizations to interface different information silos in real-time for expanded agility, better decision making, and to make an aggressive edge.But, moving data to the cloud represents some unusual difficulties, outstandingly planning and keeping up the information composition; managing information and output disappointments; and guaranteeing information integrity.Difficulty 1: Extremely Time ConsumingBuilding a way from your internal assets to the cloud is possible — yet it is usually time-consuming, loaded with apparently unlimited details, and full of potential for blunders.In case a data engineer has to import information from server logs to a cloud-based, for example, Amazon Redshift,…See More
Apr 10



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