The Typical Problem

The default size for the logo is 175 x 175 pixels square.

If you upload a photo of a larger size/different shape it will be resized, usually taking the center square portion of the image e.g....


I want this:

But I get this:


How to Fix it (Edit Your Logo)

To get best results please resize you business logo image to 175x175 before uploading.  To do this I recommend you use the following great online tool (Its free):


Free Online Image Editor


How do I edit my logo after is has been uploaded?

If you need to correct your photo at any point you can do this by editing your profile here (


If you can't seem to  resize the image yourself please feel free to email us ( and we'll resize it for you as best we can.


 It only takes us a few minutes to do this - so its no hassle.


Best Regards,


Network Manager



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