Asset recovery and data center services and products

The operation of data centers if full of constant issues that require not only persistent attention but solutions and relationships in order to facilitate those solutions.


As Data Center managers, some of the problems that are experienced are what to do with decommissioned hardware and be assured that it does not end up in land fill or worse, in some cases there can be significant recovery in excess and used I.T./DC/Telcom gear.  EOL (end of life) issues should be carefully considered as well, when disposing of  decommissioned gear you want to choose a company that will provide chain of custody documentation to insure proper disposal or repurposing of your outbound gear. Also, guaranteeing the data mitigation is complete and certified is a big concern.


Another issue is data center efficiency and energy savings. There are energy and cost savings programs as well as efficiency survey’s that can save a manger a ton of money. There are solutions available, one solution is Silicon Valley Engineering Solutions, an association of professionals offering various data center services and products.


The many cost savings and safety programs offered can be easily located and can make a manager’s life a lot easier with the right relationship.


Another area of concern is upgrading aging gear and how to finance it. There are company’s that specialize in difficult projects, providing easy financing and logistics for refresh programs.


Additionally, a big area of cost that is often over looked is software licensing, this can be a huge expense that can be mitigated, we offer programs that will assist in re-negotiating your licensing agreements resulting in potentially huge saving.


For more portable applications (IE: Triage, corp. enviro’s, banking etc.) modular, self contained portable data centers are a good option for expensive infrastructure.


We bring a one stop solution for many products and service needs for colo’s, DC’s and corp enviroments.


Please contact us for further info on our services and partnerships.


Terry Fockler

Silicon Valley Engineering/Solutions


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