Best Dedicated Server in Salt Lake City

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a paramount hosting server that makes your hosting service worth of expense. It can generate the intended speed at an optimal rate for any website and make the website run more flexibly. The resources, applications, tools, and even the IP address, all come dedicated which means nothing is shared at all.

Business and Technology around Salt Lake City

It is a city located in the Utah region of the U.S state. It is the capital city and the metropolitan area. The city is high income based city and the economy has a solid base as there are 1000 of companies running smoothly and businesses are all well developed. The city is also maintaining the technology standard notably high. 

Hosting Ultraso looking to settle here as a best-dedicated web hosting provider. We operate globally and have a wide array of dedicated servers from several data centers situated in more than 119 countries all around the world and doing a successful business.

Why do you need a Dedicated Server in Salt Lake City?

The answer will be then simple as you have a business that is evolving in a faster manner and growing rapidly with a vast customer engagement daily to your business site, it demanding a super-fast, robust, and dominative hosting server and there the need of a dedicated hosting server comes at front. A dedicated server can only meet all that you want and also can give your website a further boost.

Our dedicated server in Salt Lake City is made compact and well-designed to give you the most satisfying dedicated hosting service. The gigantic resource set with full access to the resources increases the scalability factor and the smart CPanel loaded with the advanced applications and tools is also fully customizable to make the web operations easier.

Our dedicated server in Salt Lake City is also coming with a guaranteed security system that monitors the resources constantly to protect it from cyber attacks like DDoS and the IPMI makes the remote activity of the server easier with all-time monitoring of the server’s physical health.

We assure you of the lowest latency rate with our dedicated server in Salt Lake City. The data center is working nicely by handling the load balance. 

We have an expert technical team to solve all your problems in a very professional way with 24/7/365 support.

Different Operating Systemes that we provide

A free platform compatible with Red Hat Enterprise and it is one of popular Linux distributions with a huge community.

A Linux distribution and compatible with Debian that is open-source and free.

It is known as Debian GNU also. It is one of very popular Linux distribution that is free and open-source.

A Linux distribution and powerful platform supported by the large Fedora community.

Free BSD
A Unix based platform originated from Berkeley Software Distribution and it is also free.

Windows Server
All Operating Systems provided by Windows Branded as Windows server and no other products here included except the OS.

Different types of Dedicated Server in Salt Lake City that we provide

We are mainly providing an unmanaged dedicated server that needs to be managed by you fully. We also provide a managed dedicated server for some critical business needs. We can make you avail of the cheap dedicated web hsoting plan. 

Our Windows dedicated server and Linux dedicated server both are running well.

Configurations of our Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated server in Salt Lake City is all set to give you the quality processing service with our Intel Xeon E3 and E5 processors. The bandwidth we are offering is 100 TB. There are 8 to 32 GB DDR3 RAMs. The hard drives come in various storage options. 

We are providing an extra IP address with no installation charge and we do support both IPV4 and IPV6 address formats. There is the option of server clustering through which you can make your own customized server.

What are the different benefits that you get from Hosting Ultraso with our Dedicated Server in Salt Lake City?

Buy a dedicated server from us and get some valuable benefits that will really suit your dedicated web hosting plan effectively.

  1. Option for Managed Dedicated Servers:
    We have the managed dedicated hosting facility for special business needs.
  2. Extra IP address facility:
    The IP address is attached with every active website and  We facilitate with an additional free IP address. If you need more, please, let us know.
  3. Bitcoin Payment option:
    Don’t worry, we also have the Bitcoin payment facility to serve you an even better way.
  4. Moneyback Guarantee: 
    We value money and in any case, if you find any dispute, we pay you back with your money.
  5. IPMI Technology:
    Intelligent Platform Monitoring Interface or IPMI is a smart technology that takes care of server health and also makes the remote access to your server possible with authenticity. We have this option for our dedicated server in Salt Lake City.

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