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If you work at home or are trying to get this first project, creating a professional site is an important step. As a home for your business, your website can showcase your skills, provide details of your experience and give potential clients and customers a convenient way to get in touch.

Also, being able to create or work with a site is a useful skill in itself. For many people who work at home, the ability to put a site in operation is an additional service that can be sold to existing customers.

You do not need to spend a fortune to get a website developed for you. You can do this alone, although you have never had any experience. Fortunately, there is a secret - WordPress. WordPress is a free system that simplifies and simplifies the web development process and, as you will discover, it can still be flexible enough for practically any site imaginable.

What does WordPress do beyond blogs?

Many people have heard about WordPress, but they do not understand the full resources of the system. Most people believe that WordPress is a platform for blogs when, in reality, it is much more than that.

Nowadays, WordPress has become what is called content management system, or CMS. A CMS is a tool to store all the necessary information for your site and present it to your visitors in a professional and organized way. Other content management systems include Joomla and Drupal, but the reality is that WordPress is the easiest to understand, the easiest to work with and the most easily adaptable.

Let's see - in simple terms - how exactly WordPress works as soon as it is installed:

You access a convenient WYSIWYG interface (what you see is what you get) to work safely with all the content on your site

You can create new web pages in various formats

The content that you create is stored in a database

You can use the same interface to edit your content in the database

When visitors access your site, the information in the database is displayed on them in a site design. You can change this design at any time and its content will automatically adopt the correct appearance

In technical terms, WordPress is quite advanced. In the nine years since the launch of the platform, this advanced functionality has been used in several ways.

Why should you use WordPress?

You may be asking why people choose WordPress as their CMS. The answer is because WordPress can do almost anything you want to do more easily, quickly and conveniently!

The Reuters news agency uses WordPress to keep journalists updated with the latest news. Music streaming service Spotify feeds your entire site with WordPress.

WordPress makes the creation, editing and organization of its content simple and, therefore, less long. This gives you more time to concentrate on other areas of your business. The service optimized for WordPress also offers you the opportunity to get a professional design to leave your site with an excellent appearance - usually free.

The best way to see how WordPress simplifies the configuration of your site is to try it for yourself. WordPress is easy to install on your web hosting or, if you sign up on the WordPress site, you can explore your resources without any configuration.

Easy WordPress installation

There are some different ways to start using WordPress, depending on your budget, your experience and if you use a web hosting service.

If you are experiencing WordPress and do not have your own hosting, access and sign up for a free account. You will be guided throughout the process of creating your WordPress site, which will be stored on the WordPress servers for you. It is also possible to pay for a custom domain name (the address of your site) during the registration process.

Alternatively, if you already have a hosting plan that supports PHP and MySQL, you can install your own WordPress on your server. This can be done by visiting and downloading the necessary files. The site also offers a practical guide to install WordPress in 5 minutes.

Finally, see if your web hosting provider offers an automatic script installer such as the Softaculous. If so, you will be able to log in from your hosting control panel and install WordPress in a few clicks.

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