Controlled Contamination Data Center Service announces exciting new partnership with NER Data Corporation.

Controlled Contamination Services, a leading provider of decontamination services to the
Biotech / Pharmaceutical industry, Life Sciences and R&D Labs, Nutraceuticals Semiconductor / Electronics sector, and Data Center Information Technology Industry announces a new partnership with NER Data Corporation to offer our Data Center and Information Technology clients innovative and industry leading Data Center Cooling, Power and Monitoring efficiency improvement Products, Solutions and Services.


“Our rapid expansion and recent success into the data center cleaning market has given us visibility to a whole litany of problems, challenges and candidly opportunity surrounding Data Center Infrastructure Cooling , Power and Monitoring efficiency and management, “ said Mark Gonsalves, Division Manager, Data Center Services Controlled Contamination Services (CCS). “As we get closer to our Data Center clients and further our understanding of their challenges, goals and unmet needs, it has become very clear every Data Center Infrastructure and Facilities Management team is struggling with improving Cooling efficiency, dealing with higher heat densities and Managing/Monitoring their Power loads!

“Whether their goal is to reduce their energy bill, increase their manageable IT load, address hotspots, ensure redundancy, and/or avoid having to move/expand, most of our clients are struggling with optimizing their Cooling, Power and Monitoring Infrastructures. Partnering with NER will quickly position CCS as a leader and expert in this space”, says Mark Gonsalves (CCS).    

NER Data Corporation is widely recognized as an Innovator and leader in Data Center Cooling, Power and Monitoring Products. NER’s Cooling Optimization products span Containment (passive & managed, Hot & Cold Aisle), new High Efficiency CRAC/H’s Cooling ,  InRow Cooling, Overhead Cooling Solutions, Pressure Managed Chimney’s, and Demand Based Dynamic Airflow Management Products (DBC).

“We have enjoyed tremendous success in improving cooling efficiency and airflow distribution,” said Greg Stover, Senior Vice President at NER. “By coupling our innovative solutions and High Efficiency Technologies, we have enabled our partners like CCS to improve Cooling efficiency with their clients by 30-70%, even in the more State-of-the-Art designs. We are excited about the CCS partnership.”

“NER’s breadth of offering is very exciting. We feel many vendors sell what they have and try to make it fit. We prefer to offer our clients options and deliver what’s best for their unique Data Center. Our clients expect CCS to provide solutions and services that solve problems, provide efficiency and offer demonstrable ROI.” Says Mark Gonsalves (CCS). “We are confident our new partnership with NER nicely compliment our offering and value to our customers.”

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