Controlled Contamination Services Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification!

SAN DIEGO, California (August 3rd, 2012) – The International Standards Organization (ISO), has officially certified Controlled Contamination Services (CCS) ISO 9001:2008 certification on July 25th, 2012 for its offices in the US. CCS took on the process as a testament to its commitment to providing the highest quality services to its clients.


“Improving the efficiency of our processes and standardizing our internal procedures to be more in line with the expectations of our customers was a main objective in obtaining ISO Certification. Because most of our clients are manufacturing, GMP, and cGMP environments, this was the natural next step in our evolution as the leading provider of quality cleaning of controlled environments for our clients”  said CEO, Chris Zines.


Continuous improvement is a core value at CCS and one of the pillars of the ISO standard, so bringing the standards of ISO to CCS was a natural fit for them because documentation and following rigorous procedures for their clients as set by the FDA and other regulatory agencies has long been a strong core value and part of the customer promise at CCS.


ISO 9001 is the ultimate global benchmark for quality management. It is a critical tool for boosting CCS’s success, profitability and market potential. ISO 9001 will better equip CCS to meet every client’s requirement, improve client focus throughout and a host of other benefits, such as: Improve competitiveness leading to a higher profit potential, optimize its market potential, as well as opening its business up to larger clients, streamline efficiency, cost containment and savings, improve its consistency and information flow, improve employee motivation, time management, service and performance to the highest level, improve your businesses customer service and improve accountability and traceability.


Controlled Contamination Services is the leading national provider of controlled environment cleaning and decontamination services for cleanrooms, data centers, vivariums, ionized particle fogging and janitorial services for the biotech, pharmaceutical and life sciences, medical device, electronics & semiconductors and aerospace & defense industries. Our expertise in procedures and documentation, processes and the management of people to meet or exceed our customer expectations for the past 21 years has enabled CCS to become the nation’s leader in controlled environment cleaning. To find out more, please visit or

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