Universal Networking Services, LLC Announces A Limited Time Offer on Free Critical Facility Energy Profiles

Universal Networking Services, LLC Announces A Limited Time Offer on Free Critical Facility Energy Profiles


Denver, Colorado April 4,  2011: Universal Networking Services, LLC (UNS, LLC) a leading provider of mission- critical power and cooling infrastructure products and services today announced a limited time offer on free Critical Facility Energy Profiles.


Kurt Ave, Chief Operating Officer, states "Nearly half of a data center's energy bill is from power and cooling. We are excited to offer this opportunity to Oklahoma's IT community to save on energy costs. Today's IT departments face complex challenges that demand attention to their bottom line. Up to 75 percent of the energy used feeds power-hungry servers and the operation of mechanical and electrical systems that keep the lights on and, above all, keep the IT equipment cool. Smaller, more powerful IT equipment is considerably hotter than older systems, making heat management a major challenge. UNS and it's partners take a broad view of these challenges in today's IT facilities. Often, our recommendations, without any capital investment by the client, can generate savings on utility costs. If the client choses to implement modern technology such as in-row/in-rack cooling infrastructure the savings are often compounded. As an example, we have seen upwards of 40% savings in our clients utility bill by implementing this sort of IT architecture. Normally pricing is associated with our Critical Facility Energy Profiles but we want to encourage local companies to be proactive in minimizing their costs and maximizing their efficiency by offering this service free for a limited time..


About Universal Networking Services, LLC

Universal Networking Services, LLC headquartered in Denver, Colorado. UNS, LLC specializes in mission-critical power and cooling solutions for wiring closets, server rooms, and data centers. UNS, LLC provides product acquisition, design, engineering, installation management and maintenance services for critical facilities.


About Critical Facility Energy Profiles (CFEP)

Our Critical Facility Energy Profile (CFEP) service provides an analysis your current power and cooling infrastructure to determine the baseline efficiency of your wiring closet, server room, or data center. Our consultant will document the existing infrastructure, determine the efficiency and provide an accurate assessment of the factors limiting the highest achievable efficiency of the data center. The critical facility specialists will provide a comprehensive report that will make recommendations for changes to maximize efficiency.


To learn more about this limited time offer and details of the CFEP please contact Waite Ave at w.ave@apcdistributors.com or 720-975-4253.


To learn more about Universal Networking Services visit www.apcdistributors.com.

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