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Founded in 2002, airnet Group Inc. is a “data company”- -- confused yet? Don’t be. Let’s break down the IT language barriers and talk about the big picture of “what Airnet does” so that we all might better understand how the company can save you time and money.

Data is the raw material of the business world. Be it anything from sales records, client details, or general organizational info, data is the information that you don’t throw away but oftentimes doesn’t have a place or purpose in your immediate business focus & strategy.

At airnet, we’ve created an interconnected “data system” of smart productsservices, andsolutions designed to give your business-sensitive information a secure home, organization, and a future – all without the hassle and added cost of searching for additional companies to perform each task.

At the heart of our system is our data center.  Within this in-house hub consisting of powerful servers and utilities, the “lifeblood” of our company – data, is constantly being stored within our secure infrastructure, managed by our renowned technical staff, and grown by airnet’s high-performance applications including our  & products.

In the simplest terms, airnet has created the industry’s most secure and personalized “data life-cycle” that can manage your business information from its disorganized infancy to its ultimate realization as the most effective business tool you could possess.

So where do you fit into the system? Easy –anywhere. At airnet, you’re the master of your data world. With our “one stop data shop,” you choose your level of investment and personalized service. Pick anything from simple, secure, and cost-effective hosting – all the way up to cutting edge custom solutions that will transform your data into a more intuitive, efficient, and “smarter” tool.

Turn your data burden into the asset it should be. Consider services from airnet – the professional data company – that still speaks your language.”

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